What Does Porque No Sabes Mas Fotos Mean In English?


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Written like that it means: Because you don't know more photos.(That doesn't make sense to me)

Written like this: ¿Por qué no sabes más fotos?=Why don't you know more photos?(Doesn't make sense to me like this either). There are 2 ways to write ''You know'' in spanish and they are ''Sabes'' and ''Conoces. Sabes is used differently than conoces . You use sabes when talking about whether or not you have the skills to be able to do something or when you do or don't know a piece of info.

Like: Do you know how to dance=¿Sabes bailar?
Do you know how to take pictures=¿Sabes sacar fotos?
You don't know why he said that?= ¿No sabes por qué dijo esto?

Conocer is used when you are talking about being familiar with something or someone.

Ex: Conozco la ciudad de Nueva York= I am familar with NYC.

I think you want to say ''¿Por qué no conoces más fotos? Which means ''Why aren't you familiar with more pictures?''...I think that is the translation you should take with you. Because sabes in this context doesn't make much sense to me.

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