What Does Inhibitory Mean?


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The word inhibitory is obtained rom the word inihibit. Inhibit has its origin in Latin and stems from the word inhibere. Inhibere means 'to restrain or forbid'. It is made up of two parts: Latin prefix 'in' and habere. The word habere means to hold. Later, the word inhibere was adapted as inhibiten by the Middle English. Something which is inhibitory is restricting. It holds you back.

Inhibitory is an adjective and inhibitive and inhibitable are its synonyms. Anything which prohibits or forbids something is termed inhibitory. When someone suppresses or restrains their behaviour consciously or unconsciously is also addressed as inhibitory, in psychology. The person may also restrain his impulses or desires. In biology, a process is termed inhibitory for an enzyme or an organ, when it negatively affects the functioning of the enzyme or the organ.

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