What Does Reticular Mean?


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Reticular is defined as anything related to a reticulum. A reticulum is a protoplasmic network in cells. Reticular may also allude to something related to a ruminant's reticulum. Some examples include 'reticular cells' or 'reticular veins on leaves'.

A reticular cell is one that produces reticular fibres by means of its cytoplasm. Reticular fibres are the basic structural fibres found in certain connective tissues. They may consist of one or more kinds of finely woven strands which build a cellular network and create a good supporting network.

Reticular connective tissue is a kind of loose connective tissue. This tissue generally has an intricate network of reticular fibres that collectively form a soft skeleton that support all the lymphoid organs. Reticular connective tissue bears a marked resemblance to areolar connective tissue. Reticular tissue is found only in certain parts of a body, in contrast to reticular fibres that are found all over.

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