What Does D.V. Mean?


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Digital Video is a format launched in 1994, and in a smaller tape structure factor Mini D.V, has become a customary for home and semi professionals video production; it is sometimes used for expert functions as well, such as film making, and electronic news gathering. The DV experts describe together the codec and the tape layout. The features of DV include intra frame compression for the uncomplicated editing, a good video quality, and a standard interface for transferring to non- linear editing systems.

The DV has enabled the Film makers to make the Film making process very inexpensive. It is sturdily associated with citizen journalism and independent films. A high- definition version of DV has been developed called the HDV. The quality of HDV differs from the DV only in conditions that it is correspondent to 6 megabits per second regular description video just about DVD superiority., but somewhat lower quality than DV.
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