What Does Tetragon Mean?


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Tetragon is a quadrilateral figure. It is a four-sided polygon. It derived its name from a Latin word tetragonum and the Greek word tetragonon. Tetra means "four' and gonia which indicates "angle'. It is a geometrical figure with four sides and four vertices. A tetragon thus can be any quadrilateral with four sides and four vertices. It is called a tetragon to rhyme with pentagon. There are more than 9,000,000 tetragons. They can be simple or complex in nature.

Some examples of tetragon are trapezium, parallelogram, kite, rhombus, square, rectangle, rhomboid, cyclic quadrilateral etc. they are all tetragons because they fulfil the conditions essential for being a tetragon. Tetragon is also known as quadrangle because it is a quadrilateral; and to rhyme with triangle. The opposite sides of a tetragon are parallel and the example of a regular tetragon is a square. Any thing pertaining to tetragon is known as tetragonal. A figure that resembles a tetragon is also known as tetragonal.

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