What Does Dower Mean?


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The word dower stems from Latin dōs, dōt which mean dowry. It was then taken inito Medieval Latin as dōtārium, dōārium. Later, it was adapted by the Old French as douaire and then by Middle English as douere. When someone dowers, he said to be giving dowry or dower or endow something to someone. As a noun, dower means the part or interest of a real estate that a widow receives after her husband's death.
Dower could also be considered as natural endowment.

Some words that could be used foe dower are: bequeathal, bequeathment, bestowal, devisal, devise, endowment, estate, gift, heritage, legacy, inheritance, settlement and trust. Accord, afford, assign, gird, gift, endue, ante up, commit, sacrifice, come through, confer, devote, dispense, give, proffer and provide are some other words that are synonymous to dower.

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