What Does Steely Mean?


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The word steely is an adjective which means firm, taut and acidic. It is defined as an almost metallic taste. It is characteristic of wines which are high in acidity and/or made from soil which is rich in minerals, especially Riesling. Steely also means something which has a firm structure or has a taut balance which tends to lean toward a high level of acidity.

It is the mouth-feel and aroma which is applied to many non-oaked white wines. It has a dual meaning. This is because the wine is fermented in vessels which are made of steel and the almost metallic flavour of the wine.

It is a specific kind of acidity. It is firm in structure and appears to have a metallic taste. It is typical of some very fine wines of the Sauvignon Blanc variety, such as Sancerre and Pouilly-Furne, which are vines produced in the Loire region of France.

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