What Does Intermediate Mean?


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Microsoft Intermediate Language(MSIL or IL) is the CPU -independent instruction set into which .Net framework programs are compiled. It contains instructions for loading, storing initializing, and calling methods on objects.

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Intermediate is a term used in computer science as a language. It is a language of a conceptual machine planned to help in the investigation of computer plans. The term arrives from their use in compilers, wherever a compiler first interprets the foundation code of an agenda into a shape more appropriate for code-improving alteration, as an in-between step before producing object or machine convention for a target apparatus. The design of an intermediate language characteristically fluctuates from that of a realistic machine language in various fundamental ways.

First is that every instruction symbolizes exactly one fundamental process. Secondly, control flow information might not be incorporated in the instruction set. Thirdly, the figure of registers existing may be large, and can even be immeasurable.

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