What Does Incendiary Mean?


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Incendiary is an expression to the act of deliberately setting fire to something. If any fire has been started by design or intentionally then it can be called as incendiary. Accelerants are often used to ignite such type of fires rapidly. This term is often used in relation to crimes like arson. Arson is the crime of setting fire to something for unlawful and improper purpose. Thus it can be defined as setting on fire or preparing, providing and setting the means for fire to start with intentional malice.

Thus it involves deliberate burning of property. It is an adjective. Incendiary means easily combustible, an arsonist, a bomb or a person who deliberately stirs strife and sedition in its noun form. It is derived from the Latin word incendere which means to kindle. It is pronounced as in-sen-dee-er-ee.

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