What Does Dray Mean?


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Dray is a word that originates from Old English. It is taken from the word dragan or dragnet. Dragan or dragnet means 'to draw'. It was then adapted as draie in Middle English. The word draie meant sledge or cart. It is a flat cart with four wheels. Dray was used in past times for carrying heavy loads, especially barrels of beer. It was a cart without sides.

This word is also used as a transitive verb. Drayed, draying, and drays are the past tense form, continuous form, and present tense form of the verb dray respectively.
Dray could be considered synonymous to vehicle, conveyance, carriage, Caravan , van, wagon, wain, cart, lorry, cariole, tram, tumbrel, barrow, pontoon or hand barrow or wheel barrow.

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