What Does Gluteal Mean?


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Gluteal is word obtained from 'gluteus'. The word gluteus is a noun and has its origin in the Greek. The word Gluteus stems forms the word 'gloutos'. Gloutos means buttock. Later, it was adapted by the New Latin as glūteus. Anything which relates to the gluteus muscles is referred to as gluteal.

Generally, gluteus refers to muscles of the buttocks. The area that these gluteal muscles cover is called the bottom or butt or rear-end. There are three types of gluteal muscles which are gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus and gluteal medius on each buttock of human body. Thus, there are six gluteal muscles in our body two of each type. Problems related to these muscles are called gluteal problems. Sitting for longer periods may lead to atrophy of gluteal muscles.

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