What Does Ch3 Mean?


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CH3 is the chemical formula for the methyl group. It is a group of hydrophobic alkyl function. It is a hydrocarbon that is found in mostly organic compounds. Bio diesel is a good such example and contains a mixture of fatty acids and esters. When compounds of this group are absorbed into a biological membrane they affect its metabolism. It either increases the metabolism due to oxidation or due to demethylation or results in the reduction of the analogue.

Ch3 can be an abbreviation for chapter 3 or channel 3. Channel 3 is mostly the third television channel of national broadcasters in English speaking countries.

CH3 is also the name given to monitor hoods that can be fitted to EIZO widescreen monitors.

Channel 3 that can be abbreviated to Ch3 is the name of a mediocre punk band from the eighties.

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