What Does Gudgeon Mean?


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The word gudgeon is defined as a small fish that thrives in such sources of fresh water as lakes, ponds and rivers. They are found in shoals at the bottoms of lakes, ponds and rivers in Europe, which have sandy soil. Gudgeon is an edible fish. It is cooked in the same way as other species of fish, including smelt and whitebait. It belongs to the same family as carp.

A gudgeon is defined as the hole in which the pin from a rudder, which is mounted on a stem, fits. The pin is known as a pintle. The rings which make up the hinge assembly for a rudder along with the pintles are also known as gudgeons.

It is the hinge section of a gate, which is also sometimes called a hinge pintle socket. It is a horizontal rod that has a hole through which a pintle, or a vertical pin, can pass and pivot. One end of the rod is secured to the post of a gate or a wall. The pintle is a part of a unit which is shaped like the letter L of the English alphabet. One leg of the L-shaped unit is connected to a gate or door, the hinging mechanism of which is made up of a combination of the gudgeon and the pintle.

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