What Does Photoelectric Mean?


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The word photoelectric means something which is of or something which is related to photoelectricity. The photoelectric effect is the most common phrase in which the word photoelectric is used. The photoelectric effect is a phenomenon in which electrons are ejected from the surface of a metal which light shines on the metal. The photoelectric effect was explained by Albert Einstein in the year 1921.

The word photoevaporation is defined as a phenomenon in which the intense light from hot stars causes gases to evaporate, or simply to boil away, into interstellar space. Interstellar space, in the simplest terms, is literally defined as the space between stars. In the Eagle Nebula, ultraviolet light evaporates or boils away some of the hydrogen gas (which is chemically represented by the symbol H2). It continuously reshapes the columns of the nebula. Te light is hypothetically assumed to be made up of photons or individual bullets of energy.

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