How to say and write i love you in japanese?


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You can write "私はあなたを愛して" in japanese.
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I love you in japanese can be written in several ways.

Aishiteimasu あいしていますthis word is compund by several elements.the "ai" means "love" itself, "shite" is "shi", which means "to do" in te-form, and finally "imasu" means "to be" whiches only applied to living things.

Aishiteru あいしてるthis is the same as the above but not as formal, since the -masu form of "iru" is "imasu"

daisuki だいすき"dai" means very, or big (if from chinese perspective) and Suki means "like"so this phrase can also be used as "to love"

sukiすきthis can be expressed as love but not as appearant, but it can be used that way depending on the context and/or situation.

If you were to say the sentence full without inference like the above phrases, it would be:私はあなたが大好き・あいしています。watashi wa anata ga daisuki / aishiteimasu.

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