What Is The Japanese Symbol For Love?


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It's written as: 愛 and is pronounced 'ai'.

You can see a larger image of the symbol at (you'll certainly need a big image to copy the intricate symbol from).

The Japanese symbol for love
By the way, you may be interested to know that the symbol is not actually Japanese, but Chinese. The Japanese imported the Chinese writing system in the 1st century AD.

Maybe you can impress your loved one with your incredible knowledge of the Japanese language too - here's a couple of love-related phrases you can learn to say:

  • 愛する - aisuru (the verb 'to love).
The following are different ways of saying, 'I love you':

  • Aishite imasu - 愛しています
  • Aishiteru - 愛してる
  • Aishiteru yo - 愛してるよ ( or aishiteru wa 愛してるわ for females)

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