How Do I Write " I Like You " In Japanese?


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I like you: あなたは好きです。(anata wa suki desu)/ あなたが好きです。(anata ga suki desu)
I like you a lot: あなたは大好きです。(anata wa daisuki desu)/ あなたが大好きです。(anata ga daisuki desu)

If you were wondering, あなた (anata) means you, so you can substitute in any name.
And は (wa) and が (ga) are particles. Both are correctly used in the sentence.
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The Phrase "I Like You" is spelled in Japanese as わたしは、あなたが好きです. [Source: Translator].
Also Visit I Like You Pronunciation in Japanese[See Second Para below Ads for I Like Pronunciation and First Para above Ads for I Love You Pronunciation].
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