What Does Physico- Mean?


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The prefix physico- is defined as the prefix which is used to make a combining form of the word it comes before. It denoted the relation of the word added to the prefix physico- or the dependence of the word added to the prefix physico- upon natural causes or natural phenomena or the science of physics.

Physico- is the prefix addressed to such areas of academic discipline as mathematics, philosophy, theology, chemistry, logic and mimetics to obtain words such as physicomathematics (which is defined as mixed mathematics), physicophilosophy (which is defined as the philosophy of nature), physicotheology (which is defined as theology or divinity which is illustrated or enforced by physics or natural philosophy), physicochemical (which relates to both physical and chemical properties and also to physical chemistry), physicochemistry (which is defined as the study of physical chemistry), physicologic (which is defined as logic which is illustrated by physics), physicological (which means of or pertaining to physicologic), physicology (or physics) and physicomimetics (or artificial physics).

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