Where Does The Name Chantal Come From?


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Many people think this name derives from the French word chanson "song" or chanter "to sing." In fact the origin of the name is a place in Saone-et-Loire in the Loire region. The place name comes from an old Provencal (French dialect) word meaning "stone" or "boulder." Like many place names, it then became a surname given to a landowner. It was first used as a first name when St Jeanne-Francoise Fremiot married the Baron of Chantal in the late 16th century. She later founded a convent, and the name Chantal acquired religious associations.

Chantal is pronounced shon-TAL. It is sometimes spelled Chantalle, Chantelle, Chantel or even Shantall. In the last 20 or 30 years it has become better known in the English-speaking world, though still thought of as mainly a French name.

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