What Does The Name Erasmus Mean?


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The name 'Erasmus' is a name for a male originating from the Greek word 'erasmios' which means 'beloved'.

Saint Erasmus was a martyr from the third century who is regarded as the patron saint by sailors.

Erasmus was also the name of a Dutch scholar, humanist and theologian who was prominent during the Renaissance period. His writing was in pure Latin form. Although he was a Roman Catholic all his life, he was a stern critic of what he regarded as the excesses of the Roman Catholic Church. He made new Latin as well as Greek editions of the New Testament.

Martin Luther's movement started in the year after the New Testament was published and greatly tested the strength of Erasmus's character. Erasmus admired Luther, but was averse to partisanship. His hesitation to support Luther led Luther that Erasmus was a coward or purposeless.

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