Where Does The Name Holoway Come From?


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Holloway, an area in the North London borough of Islington follows the line of the A1 road, one of the main roads in the UK. Holloway is actually broken up into three districts of Islington, Archway, which is also considered Upper Holloway, Nag's Head, considered Holloway proper and Lower Holloway. Holloway, meaning a sunken road, is an old name. The name Holloway came about due to the fact that the main cattle driving route from the North down into London's cattle market is the ancient route through the Holloway area. As the cattle repeatedly walked the route, the road became worn and sunken thus leading to a sunken road, Holloway. Even as far back as the Roman Times, parts of Holloway road was used as the main route up to the North and Scotland. Holloway is one of the poorer parts of Islington and is often best known for 'HMP Holloway', its' prison.

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