What Does Fodder Mean?


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Fodder refers to feed provided to livestock or domestic animals like sheep, pigs, horses as well as cattle and poultry. It generally consists of roughly cut up hay. It may also constitute of agricultural by products and leftovers like plants or stalks of cereals. Fodder may also consist of animal extract.

In another context, fodder constitutes of a item that is not of a superior quality, that is in high demand and generally plentiful in supply. For example, cheap detective novels that serve as fodder for the commercial market."

Plants that are normally cultivated especially for fodder include: types of grass such as ryegrass, timothy-grass etc, wheat, soybean, oats, clover of the red and white variety, maize, rapeseed, turnip etc.

The type of fodder that is made using these ingredients includes: hay or silage, oil cakes, compound feed and oligosaccharides.

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