What Does Jovian Mean?


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Jovian is an adjective form of the noun Jove. It can mean pertaining to the planet Jupiter or the supreme Roman God Jove or Jupiter. "Jovian satellites" mean the satellites of Jupiter.

In Roman mythology, Jove is known as the emperor of Gods. He was the husband and brother of Juno. Jove is to the Romans what Zeus is to the Greek. "Jovian wrath" and Jovian thunderbolts" are some of the noteworthy phrases with relation to the adjective.

Jovian or the planet Jupiter Astronomy is known as the largest planet in the solar system. The period of revolution around the sun is 11.86 years and it is approximately 320 times bigger than the earth in terms of mass. There are 63 Jovian satellites of which the Lo, Ganymede, Europo and Callisto are the most noteworthy.

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