What Does Dobson Mean?


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As a noun, dobson is another word for a hellgrammiate, which is a big, aquatic, brown coloured larva of the dobsonfly. It is commonly used as fishing bait. This large soft-bodied insect is seen to have long slender mandibles found in the male species.

Dobson is also a popular surname as well as the name of a number of places. Andrew Dobson, British was a writer on the environment and Henry Austin Dobson (1840-1921), was an English poet and essayist

There is also the term Dobson units (DU) which are the traditional means of expressing ozone amounts present in the atmosphere, in particular the stratosphere. Gordon Dobson, a researcher positioned at the University of Oxford, was the one to construct the first instrument (which is now known as the Dobson Ozone Spectrophotometer) which measures total ozone from the ground in the 1920s.

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