What Does Boa Mean?


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Boa is a kind of tropical snake which hails from the Boidae family. This family consists of species of snakes like boa constrictor, anaconda, and python etc which coil around the prey and suffocate them to death. The word boa has a Latin origin which means "water snake." These snakes can vary in length from 8 inches to as long as 25 feet. Some of these snakes are terrestrial and some are semi-aquatic. You may even find them hanging by the trees.

Boas bite their victims and then wrap their body around the prey to crush it. Contradictory to popular belief, the boa is not dangerous to human life. The boa snake has two working lungs instead of one, which is visible in other forms of snake. It also has traces of hind limbs which make them look lizard like. As much as thirty species of boa are found in regions from South America to Mexico with two of the species making their habitat in the US. Incidentally boa also refers to a long feathery scarf made of soft and smooth material like fur.

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