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The word hierarchy is a noun and has its origin in the Greek. It is taken from the word hierarkhiā. The word hierarkhiā means 'rule of the high priest'. The word hierarkhiā has its roots in the word hierarkhēs high priest. It was later adapted as hierarchia in the Medieval Latin. Then, it was taken by the Middle English as ierarchie. Hierarchy is a considered to be a group of people who have authority.

Hierarchy could also refer to the categorization of groups of people. This separation is based on the ability or status of the people. The group so classified is also called hierarchy. For example: she is high up in the management hierarchy. Hierarchy could also mean a religious s rule set by a group clergy. Ancestry, genealogy, family, position, status, sect, and social rank are some of the synonyms for hierarchy.
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System with grades ranking one above other
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'Hierarchical' means of, or pertaining to, a hierarchy. A hierarchy may be defined as the classification of collection persons done as per their capabilities or rank. A group that is categorised in such a way is called as a hierarchy.

A hierarchy may also be used for items or objects instead of people. For example, "he places integrity first in his hierarchy of principles".

A hierarchy can also be used to denote a religious body such as a clergy.

The word hierarchy has originated from the Greek language, denoting a sacred rule. In simple words, it is a method of giving ranks or organising items or individuals, wherein every component of this system is secondary to one or more than one component. Obviously this does not apply to the element at the top of the hierarchy.
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This word has no meaning the word is in the vocabulary of Mesopotamia and the ancient city's in the modern day Iraq. I can't find the actual definition

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