What Does Gabriel Mean?


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Gabriel is not the Angel of death. He is the messenger of God, He is going to blow his horn and deliver the message. That message is judgment day.

Gabriel is the messenger.
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St. Gabriel means God's Strength.
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God is my might.
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Gabriel basically was one of the archangels, In Abrahamic religions is said to be an archangel who worked as a messenger for God. He initially came into view in the Book of Daniel in the Hebrew Bible.

He was addressed as the "Left Hand of God". Catholics believe that he foretold the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus. The Muslims state that he was the intermediate through which God revealed the Quaran to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). According to Biblical practices, he is at times regarded as the angle of death or as one of God's Messengers.

The Talmud state that he is the only angel who can converse in Syriac and Chaldee. In Islam, he is known as the chief of the four favoured angels and also said to be the spirit of truth.
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Actually, the Bible only gives the title "Archangel" to one, and that is Michael. Some people believe that Michael is actually Jesus in the commander-in-chief role in Heaven. Check the concordance for "Archangel". Only Michael is listed.
Gabriel is a messenger angel. The Bible does not attribute Gabriel to being the Angel of Death.
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Actually the bible does call Gabriel the Angel of Death in the book of kings...Destrution of Sennacherib's hosts and it is read into as well as he was the agle that blew the horn in john's apocolyse in revalations....
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Gabriel is the angel of death. He will blow the trumpet on the day of judgment and was responsible for wiping out select corrupt cities on gods orders. He is Archangel/ Chief prince of the Cherubim.

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