What Does Evaluation Mean?


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The word evaluation is the noun equivalent of the verb ‘evaluate’. Much like most words that are found in the English language, the word originated from Old French, and is actually rooted in the world ‘evaluer’.

Evaluation is the act of considering, judging and deciding on something that has been made. The process of judging a service, or a tangible object, is an evaluation. The word may be used in professional or societal terms, in regards to deciding whether something is good or not.

An evaluation can be as simple as deciding whether a person likes something or not, or as complex as providing a document that lists faults and benefits of something that has been proposed. An evaluation is used in terms of educational establishments, professional workplaces, or in loose social terms. Academic organisations use evaluations to determine whether a piece of work is up to scratch, or whether or not a student is performing as well as they should be doing.

In the workplace, an evaluation might be performed to see whether the employee is capable of providing a standard of work that is necessary for the success of the business, or whether a team is capable of doing what is required of them.
Basically, the evaluation is done to decide how skillful a person, a thing, or a team may be.

As mentioned earlier, the word evaluate derives from Old French, and the ‘e’ in evaluer stands for the Latin ‘ex’. The Latin ‘ex’ means out, out of, away or from. The ‘value’ in the word evaluer is a literal translation to value. It was taken originally by the French to create the word evaluer, which then lead to our translation of the word in modern English.
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Evaluation is noun form of the verb evaluate. This word evaluation has its origin Old French and is rooted in the word evaluer. Evaluer means evaluate. The 'e' in evaluer stands for the Latin 'ex' which means out, out of, away, from. The 'value' in the word evaluer means value. It was taken by the French and as evaluation, and led to the formation of the noun evaluation and ultimately to the verb evaluate.

The act of considering and judging someone or something is called evaluation. This evaluation is done especially to decide how skillful or useful one is or document in which this is done. For example: the inspection team will have a thorough evaluation of the project before they can continue. Here, in the sentence the inspection team will estimate the viability of the project. In mathematics, evaluation denotes the calculation of a numerical value.
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Evaluate means check talk and answer e.g. In a piece of work for example say your assignment was to evaluate the army on the last few pages, the work you wrote about the army some it up in a shorter briefer evaluation and add your own feelings and comments.
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Evaluation means analyzing something and then to decide
whether it is up to the expectations or not.
Many softwares also offer evaluation period which means that
you can evaluate it before purchasing the full version
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We evaluate things to decide how good ,useful , or successful something is against a set criteria or benchmark
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Evaluation meens jude smthing a evaluation chart somet like that how would I now I am doing the same Q here lol!!
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Explain what the term evaluation mean?
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Yes i know but what does it mean??????????????
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It maens evaluation term like he/she said (dumie)!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Evaluate is to consider the rights and the wrong ways of approaching a particular situation
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I am doing a Beauty Therapy course and in my assignment it says
'How can you evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment'

baring in mind its working on a client in beauty therapy

What should I right?
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