What Does Evaluate Mean?


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It literally means find the value of something
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It can have many definitions, depending on the subject. In math and business, it probably means "find the answer" or "observe the effects."
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It depends on what subject it is but in reading I'm learning about it now I still trying to figure out what it means.
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I mean its like to find the value of something.
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Ray Dart
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Could you explain the part of your reply that is "I mean its like to". Responses on here should be in English, thanks.
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Depends on the context. If you're evaluating a product, you're testing it out to see if you like it (kind of like test driving a car). If you're evaluating a situation, you're monitoring what's going on to figure out the best next step.
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It depends on which subject you are referring to or the context.So tell me and ill answer it but heres one good answer. An act of ascertaining or fixing the value or worth of

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