What Does Emesis Mean?


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Emesis means to vomit or the act of vomiting. The word comes from the Greek word "emein" which means "to vomit" and is believed to have Indo-European roots.

The synonyms of the word include vomiting, puking, regurgitating and disgorgement.

Emesis or vomiting refers to the forceful discharge of the contents of the stomach through ones mouth. Vomiting is the forceful expulsion of food matter and is much different from regurgitating. The latter is seen mostly in birds especially when seen feeding their young.

Vomiting is a pretty complex procedure and is the result of a coordinated interaction between the brain, gastronomical pathways and nerve pathways.

In certain forms of eastern medicine it is considered as a self protecting mechanism of the human body to eject harmful substances. The Romans during their orgies used to artificially induce emesis in order to continue eating.

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