What Does Erythema Mean?


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Erythema basically is an uncharacteristic redness of the skin caused by capillary blocking. It is one of the fundamental signs of inflammation. It is said to be caused by infection, massage, electrical treatments, allergies, exercise or solar radiation.

Any of these can cause the capillaries to enlarge, resulting in redness. Erythema migrans initially known as erythema chronicum migrans is usually addressed to rash generally seen in the premature stage of Lyme disease. It can become visible wherever from one day to one month after a tick bite.

The EM rash does not symbolize an allergic response to the bite, but to certain extent definite skin infectivity with the Lyme Bacteria. A doctor recognized EM rash calls for a diagnosis of Lyme disease and instantaneous treatment without additional testing, even by the stringent criteria of the Center for Diseases Control.

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