What Does Gastric Mucosal Abnormality Characterized By Erythema Mean?


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As this is quite a complex term I shall try to define each point in the question before concluding what the term means as a whole at the end. It is worth noting that this is not a medical opinion, but rather just a definition of terminology. If you have any questions regarding this medical condition then it is best to go to a doctor or medical professional, who will have far more knowledge on the subject and will be able to give you proper advice and diagnosis.

  • Gastric mucosa
The gastric mucosa is the mucus membrane or 'layer' of the stomach that deals with absorption and secretion. The layer is roughly one millimeter thick and contains all of the stomach's glands. You can read more about the gastric mucosa here:   
  • Erythema
Erythema is a condition of the skin which causes redness or a rash on the affected area. Erythema usually appears due to an irritation, infection or injury to the skin, forming a redness around the area. This redness should go away or turn white if you press the affected area with your finger.
  • The term
In this instance the term 'gastric mucosal abnormality characterized by erythema' means that there is a problem, injury, infection or irritation of your gastric mucosa in your stomach and has been found because of the redness on the gastric mucosa or stomach lining. For this reason it is best not to further irritate the area and it is advisable not to eat hot or spicy foods, and to avoid medicines and alcohol unless told otherwise by your doctor. The redness may also be caused by an infection, an ulcer or a cut on the lining; again, your doctor will be able to confirm this with you.
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Erythema means redness. Gastric mucosa is the mucous membrane of the stomach that contains glands and gastric pits. So, gastric mucosal abnormality with erythema means redness of mucous membrane of the stomach.
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Erythema means inflammation in the skin. In case of stomach it means inflammation of the linings of your stomach that can be due to infection.

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