What Does The Surname 'Woods' Mean?


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The name is probably of local or occupational origin.The Old English Wudu indicates a residence near a wood.

The name first appears in documentary form in it's Latinized version de Bosco.
There is an Old English personal name, Wuda from which the name might be derived. This developed in Middle English into Wode and later Wood.

In Scotland a local derivation from living or working in a wood is the most likely origin for the name.A less likely explanation for the origin of the name is that it derives from the Old English wad or wod, meaning crazed or violent and was used to describe someone who was 'mad' or violent'.

A William Wod was a witness to the valuation of Kilravock and Easter Geddes in Scotland in 1295 and in 1370, a John Wode complained of having been plundered by 'wreckers'.

Another documentary reference to the name was that of Adam ditus Wode, a husband man of the Bishop of Moray who had a horse stolen in 1398.The name is well distributed in England and is found in Scotland , Ireland and to a lesser extent in Wales.

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