What Does Dispensation Mean?


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In the Bible what is the meaning of dispensation of grace?
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The word dispensation in common usage is defined as an exemption granted to a person from following some rule, regulation or obligation. Dispensation is also a share which has been dispensed or distributed. Dispensation is also defined as the act of dispensing or giving out in portions.

In religion, the word dispensation is defined as the method r scheme according to which God carries out his purposes towards men. There are usually three types of dispensations carried out by God. They are the Patriarchal disposition, the Mosaic disposition (which is also known as the Jewish disposition) and the Christian disposition.

There were many stages in God's unfolding of his purpose of grace towards men. The word found in Scripture does not have this meaning. A dispensation basically frees, relieves or discharges a faithful from the obligations of the vows made by him or her, which allows him or her to return to the normal lifestyle of a lay Catholic person.

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