What Does Munoz Mean?


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Munoz is a name which is often thought to mean 'Son of the hill'.

Facts about the name Munoz

  • The name Munoz is considered to be of Spanish origin
  • The name is thought to be derived from the name Muno, a word which means hill in Spanish
  • Muno and Muniz are variations of the name Munoz

Famous people with the name Munoz include:

  • Luis Munoz, who was a Spanish politician in the 1930s and 1940s
  • Mark Munoz, is a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter
  • Mickey Munoz was a famous New Yorker, who made waves in the surfing industry in the 20th century, and is considered one of the founders of modern surfing

Although the name is of Spanish origin, the name is also often associated with Mexican culture, probably due to their historical links.

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