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The word cud is defined as the food of a ruminant (an animal that ruminates or chews the cud). The animal regurgitates the cud and chews the food repeatedly. Cud is also a slang term for the word chew. It is also used in the context of a thick was of a chewable item. An example of a cud in this context is a wad of chewable tobacco.

Cud is also known as bolus. It is a combination of food that has been partly digested by a ruminant animal such as a cow and bile. This is produced by the first two chambers in the stomach of the ruminant. The first two chambers in a ruminant's stomach are known as the rumen and the reticulum.

Cud is also a term often by people who collect coins. In coin collection terminology, a cud is defined as a raised lump of metal. This is caused by the breaking off a piece of the die.
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In middle school, girls used to be disciplined for chewing gum in class by the teacher telling them, "You look just like a cow chewing its cud."

Cows graze on grass or other vegetation all day. Then in the late afternoon, the herd goes to a place where it believes it is safe from predators and lies down.

Cows have four stomachs. They regurgitate the partially digested plant material from their upper-most stomach then again chew the grassy mass until it is of the proper consistency to be passed to the second stomach.

This is a quiet and social time for cows. They get a faraway look in their eyes as they masticate the cud with a side-to-side motion of their jaws; this is called "ruminating," and the word now also means a contemplative or meditative human.

When the cud is chewed, the herd rises en masse and heads for its barn or sleeping area.
Ranchers often remove cud from the mouths of mother cows and feed it to her calves to pass on essential enzymes that help the calf fight disease.

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