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The term "she is a hoot" is a slang term or phrase or idiom that denotes that a person, particularly a female person is very pleasant and humorous to be around. It refers to that person as being a lot of fun or very entertaining. The person in question is considered to exude humour and have a fun personality. It is possible that the term was derived from the way the word hoot is sometimes used to mean fun or something that is hilariously funny.

The actual and correct meaning of the word "hoot" is the typical cry of the owl, or something that sounds a lot like that. In terms of this phrase however it has a different interpretation. "She is a hoot, if they ever let her go the show will be a disaster" is an example of the phrase as used in sentence structure.
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One of the most common mistakes in English is confusing "lay" with "lie." A typical mistake is to say, for example, "I'd like to lay on the beach all day."

In fact "lay" is a transitive verb, which means it should only be used with an object. "To lay something (down)" means to put or place it, usually on a surface ("He laid his cards on the table.")

"Lie," on the other hand, is intransitive, which means it has no object (you can lie down, but you can't lie something/ someone else down, you can only lie ON, or under, something.) So the correct sentence would be: "I'd like to lie on the beach all day."

Confusion is also caused by the past forms of these verbs: the past of "lie" is "lay", while the past of "lay" is "laid." So you could say, "I lay on the beach all day yesterday" or "My hens laid some eggs yesterday."

Lay also has a slang meaning, especially in American English; "to lay someone" means to have sex with them.
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She is a hoot, means that shes a Crack-up. Or, she is funny... Old terms! :) hope I helped
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  The word lay has many meanings in its verb form. It means to put down, especially gently or carefully. It may also have a vulgar meaning 'to have sexual intercourse with'. It may also mean to trim (a hedge) by cutting the branches half through, bending them down and interweaving them.

  In its noun form it may also mean the laying of eggs or period during which they are laid. It may also mean a person who does not have professional qualifications or expert knowledge. Some of the phrases which make use of lay are: Lay claim to, lay hands to, lay hold of, lay someone low, lay something on thick, lay someone open to, lay someone/thing to rest.

  You can also find the meaning of the word lay in a dictionary or you can also refer to an online dictionary on the internet. The Webster's dictionary even helps you how to pronounce the word by playing a small audio of the word 'lay'.

  The following link will help you view the online dictionary for more information:

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