What Does Consistency Mean?


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Willard NOYB answered
It means being steady and doing things the same.
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Yooti Bhansali answered
Consistency in essence, refers to a steady and rational reason in things. That is, it should follow a stable line of reason, and there should be no contradictions involved. For example, "his presentation lacked a steady flow and was poor in consistency." It talks about a certain uniformity that holds the elements together, in order for them to actually make sense.
Consistency may also refer to the relation between similar aspects, whether they are compatible or not. For example "he interrogated the minister on the consistency of his ministry's policies."
It refers to dependability of consecutive effects, how uniform one is with another. For example, "Flintoff bowled with amazing consistency throughout the tournament."
In culinary talk, it means the level of the thickness of the food pertaining to its texture. For example, "stir the blend till it attains the consistency of honey".

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