What Does Buccal Mean?


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Buccal means something that is of or relating to the cheeks or probably the mouth cavity.    Buccal basically relates to or in the direction of the cheek. Buccal is something that is lying inside the mouth like a buccal gland. Toward the inside of the cheek; "the buccal feature of the gum" is known as buccal. The buccal characteristic is pertaining to the cheeks or the cavity of the mouth. Something that is pertaining to the organs of the mouth vicinity in gastropods, in particular to the bulging stretchy mass that chains the radula is known as buccal.    Buccal also refers to the sections of maxilla, the side fraction of the upper jawbone that is neighboring to the cheeks. Buccal is the surface of the tooth that is in touch with the cheek or in other words opposite to the lingual surface i.e. Tissues of the mouth.

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