What Does Compassionate Mean?


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Compassionate means showing or having a compassion or sympathetic feeling towards someone. It could also be described as to feel pity. Some of the words that can best describe compassionate are condole with, feel for, compassion, empathize with, grieve, sorrow - feel grief, eat one's heart out, commiserate, sympathise, sympathize, to feel or express sympathy or compassion, care and feel concern or interest.

The opposite of compassionate is uncompassionate which means expressing or sentiment or consequential from compassion or sympathy or responsive fellow feelings, in other words disposed toward. As Shakespeare has stated, "a sympathetic observer".

It is an act of kindness which seek chiefly to bestow assistance rather than reduce accessible agony. Somehow compassion itself is seen as a division of altruism, it is defined as the kind of deeds which seeks to help others by dropping their misery.
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To me it means being able to take a negative situation and making it work in a positive way for you or whom ever else that maybe involved,to inspire another or have someone inspire you.
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Compassionate means to suffer with. Someone who is compassionate is will to do anything to ease the pain of those in suffering; ever if it means suffering with them. This can for anything. The poor and sick. Or the pain you put a partner through after a break-up. If you are compassionate in the break-up, and are breaking-up because your heart is no longer in it; than you won't go out to try and hook up with whoever at the club. You will suffer with them; until they are ready to let go, move on, and get back out in the mix.
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What is Compassionate anyonee cme on
its a felling that you have like when you Cry or your Unset or the guy you like does not like you! So Compassionate is a Feelling not so GOOD  =( and you can help by saying what happended or sorry to hear or if they don't want to tell you that means the to hurt and don't get MAD =o

And be helpfull and let your friend you no you alwayz there 4 them

By Amy Carrington

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