What Does Ham Mean?


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Vegitarian is good for fat person to reduce obesity, meat eating is good for a thin/lean person   to put on or add weight/flesh to his/her body... How is this...
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Generally Ham is the thigh and buttock of whichever animal that has be butchered for its meat, but this expression is generally constrained to a cut of pork. Even though it can be cooked and dished up fresh, nearly all hams are cured in certain manner.

There are two ways to cure ham dry-cured or wet-cured. A dry-cured ham has been polished in a combination of salt and a mixture of additional constituents. Sugar is widespread in various dried out cures in the United States.

Dry-Cured hams generally need some time of re-hydration before eating. A wet-cured ham is generally treated with brine, moreover by immersion or injection. The partition among wet and dry treatment is not generally hard and fast as a few ham treating methods start wet and end via dry aging.

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