What Do Bonded Goods Mean?


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Bonded goods are the goods placed in a bonded warehouse. These goods are the goods which are used for the duties on which bonds are prearranged at the customhouse. Bonded warehouse is a warehouse in which commodities on which the duties are unpaid are stored underneath bond and in the combined custody of the importer, or his manager, and the customs officer.

The commodities that are kept in the warehouses which have been managed by the importer and the goods/ commodities stored in these warehouses are the bonded goods.

The Bonded Warehouse allows you to shift your freight to a duty free warehouse until mandatory. They have harbour-side and internal cargo space facilities, in all areas of the UK. They offer a general store or customs warehouse at a lease hold premises.
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What is the purpose for bonded goods? Why does the duty does not paid in the 1st place?

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