What Does Nec Mean?


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Can also mean "not elsewhere classified". Such as in diagnosis codes.
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The word NEC has different connotations. Generally, NEC stands for National Electric Codes. These codes stipulate the rules regarding electricity given for wholesale trading. It also holds the rules for access to electricity networks. The initials NEC could also mean Nippon Electric Company LTD abbreviated as NEC Corporation. NEC_e616 is a 3G mobile phone of the NEC Corporation. NEC is the National Emission Ceiling established by the European Union for air pollution.

NEC also stands for National Exhibition Centre. It is located at Solihull in United Kingdom. NEC could also mean National Engineering College. N.E.C. Also called the NEC Nijmegen is the Dutch soccer club. The United Kingdom Labour Party is called National Executive Committee. New England Conservatory of music also takes the initials NEC.

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