What Does DHL Stand For?


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DHL, the name of the world's most famous courier services company, is actually the initials of the last name of the co-founders Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom along with Robert Lynn. The company s founded in the year 1969 and is the leader when it comes to courier, freight forwarding and logistic services.    Today it is owned by Deutsche Post who purchased it in the year 2002. DHL initially started as a plain courier service that ran between Hawaii and mainland America. The global headquarters for DHL are in Bon in Germany while for the U.S. Headquarters are in Florida and in Singapore for the Asia –Pacific region.  Presently is has a staff of 285,000 and also owns its very own cargo airline called 'European Air Transport'.   
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DHL basically is a Deutsche Post service which offers global shipping of documents and freights along with bond logistics.

The company was established in the year 1969 by Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn, the initials standing D, H & L of the establisher's to form the corporation name. The trio originally offered a courier service among the mainland US and Hawaii and extended the business from there. In the year 1998, Deutsche Post started to purchase shares in DHL, and eventually reached majority ownership in the year 2001, and finished the purchase in the year 2002.

DHL's worldwide head office is situated in Bonn, Germany, London, UK and the head office for the Americas is positioned in Plantation, Florida where as its Asia Pacific head office is based in Singapore.
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WHAT DOES DHL stand for?

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