What Does Blot Means?


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The meaning of blot varies according to its noun and verb usage. In its noun form a blot could be defined as a stain or spot that is caused by some sort of discolouring substance like ink or paint. It could also mean a blemish on one's reputation or character. It could also be the Northern, Western or Southern blot analysis methods.

In verb form, to blot is to stain something with some sort of discolouring substance like curry or paint. It could mean to bring social or moral disgrace to. It could also indicate obliteration of something like writing. It could also indicate destroying something completely for instance "Fear blotted out all reason".

The Rorschach ink blot test is conducted in psychology to determine the train of thought in a patient's head. A southern blot is conducted to recognize someone's DNA. A northern blot is performed to recognize RNA. A Western blot is used to recognize proteins.

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