What Does Blood Mean?


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Blood is a fluid in the body which contains blood cells, plasma and platelets. It is circulated through the vertebrate vascular system by the heart. It carries nutrients and oxygen to body tissues and waste materials away from them. It can also be defined as the functionally similar fluid that can be found in all animals with the exception of vertebrates. It is an animating and vital force also referred as lifeblood because of its vital nature. Blood that is oxygenated is red in colour in humans and other creatures that use haemoglobin. It gets its colour from the oxygenated iron present in blood cells. Deoxygenated blood is generally a very deep shade of red.

Blood banks are centres where blood is accepted from healthy people and then provided to patients requiring healthy blood. Giving blood to a sick person or a blood bank is called blood donation. Blood may also be contaminated and this will lead to many blood related diseases. Leukemia is a cancer that originates in blood forming tissues. Anemia and Thalassemia are blood related diseases that may require blood transfusion.

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