What Does Autonomous Mean?


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An autonomous person is defined as a person who is capable of functioning on his or her own. Autonomous, in other words, is a synonym of the words separate and independent. An autonomous components or system is, therefore, one which is able to function independently of other components or systems. Autonomous also means self-controlling and self-governing. It possesses virtually complete closure in the course of the normal operations of an organisation.

An autonomous judiciary, a sovereign state and the partition of India in the year 1947 which resulted in the creation of two separate and autonomous jute economies are examples of autonomy. Autonomy refers to an economic variable, magnitude or entity. It exists independently of other variables. The other variables may attempt to influence or be influenced by the autonomous entity.

Autonomous also means exogenous. It is a self-sufficient, self-contained system. It conducts and carries out the given tasks or programs without any external control or interference. It functions purely by acquiring, processing and acting based on the information it receives from the environment.

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