How Do You Define An Activist?


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An activist is a person that wants to bring about some extreme changes in society in short an activist can be defined a militant reformer. Activists are those people that are staunch proponents of activism. Activism is action undertaken with the purpose of bringing about some social or political changes. This action is either to support or to oppose an argument. For example pro choice activists are in favor of abortion or animal rights activists want an end to the fur industry etc.

There are many kinds of activists. Generally the cause they support is of a controversial nature. They can either use peaceful means to support their cause or adopt some violent ones; Peaceful means could include making statements to the press, holding rallies and holding placards with slogans. Some examples of activists are civil rights activists, women's rights activists, gay rights activists, pro choice activists, disability rights activists, consumer rights activists etc.
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The terms activist was first used in a political manner in the Belgian press in 1916. In general sense activist can be described as intentional action or inaction to bring about social or political change. There are many types of activist or activism. Some are as follows;

Civil disobedience
Community building

* Activism industry
* Cooperative movement
* Craftivism
* Voluntary simplicity

Economic activism

* Boycott
* Divestment (a.k.a. Disinvestment)

Franchise activism
Media activism

* Culture jamming
* Hacktivism
* Internet activism


* Guerrilla communication

Non-violent confrontation
Violent confrontation
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Yes I believe that it is a person who chose to see things wrong and
chose and stand up and fight for what it would take to bring for a change

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