How Do You Define "Fixation"?


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The term fixation could refer to a number of different phenomena. It is usually used in reference to psychology where it could be defined as "arrested development: an abnormal state in which development has stopped prematurely". It refers to the obsessive attachment of an individual to another individual, animal or even inanimate object. The term here stems from Freudian psychology. Fixation to intangibles is also possible.

Another meaning of fixation is "The immobilization of the parts of a fractured bone." In biochemistry, histology, cell biology and pathology it would refer to "the technique of preserving a specimen for microscopic study, making it intact and stable, but dead." In reference to genetics it could be defined as "The point at which a particular allele becomes the only allele at its locus in a population - the frequency of the allele becomes one."

In alchemy, fixation refers to "changing a chemically volatile substance into a 'fixed' state that is not affected by fire." This is just one of the 12 fundamental alchemical processes necessary for transformation. In law it generally refers to works that are entitled to copyright protection.

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