What Is The Cyber Activism?


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You've asked that what does it means by Cyber Activism. You must know first that what is the activism? In fact the activism is the word used for those who practice an opposing action on a controversial issue or problem. Now when you've understood the definition of the activism you can understand the definition of the Cyber Activism.
The cyber activism is the name of the activists who do their job on internet rather than showing the real activism. They may chose some forum of discussion, may be some website. And perhaps they use other sources to post their comments and ideas about some controversial problem or some hot issue.
Now how they work? It is important to know. They make forums and blogs to post comments and they also include different kind of people in their mailing list. And then they send them email about their ideas. In this way, they become the cyber activist. This cyber activism is getting popular especially among those people who usually avoid going out for strikes and for becoming a part of a rally. I hope that I've conveyed the necessary information about cyber activism. And I think it is enough for you to understand what cyber activism is. But if you've any other question feel free to ask us.

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